Welcome to Eersel!

You can find more than enough inspiration here for a fun day out, a lovely short stay or your whole holiday in Eersel. Discover the eight glories of the Kempen and visit one of our fabulous villages: Eersel, Duizel, Knegsel, Steensel, Vessem and Wintelre. Be delighted by everything we have to offer in terms of accommodation, activities and hidden pearls. Prepare yourself fully to Visit Eersel.

  • Out and about with the Kids

    Fancy a fun day of swimming, playing, crafting and having adventures? Discover everything we have to offer our youngest visitors. 

    Out and about with the Kids
  • Experience the Cartierheide

    The Cartierheide lies at the heart of the area of natural beauty after which the Kempen is named.

    Experience the Cartierheide
  • Stylish Enjoyment

    Enjoy the culture, the nature, the hospitality and the luxuriant lifestyle in the various villages. For truly stylish enjoyment, you’re in the right place in the Municipality of Eersel!

    Stylish Enjoyment
  • Special Nights

    Eersel and the surrounding villages of Steensel, Duizel, Knegsel, Vessem and Wintelre offer plenty of accommodation for sweet dreams. From bed & breakfasts to campsites, there’s lots of choice for extending your stay.

    Special Nights
  • Visit our Information Centre

    The municipality of Eersel consists of the villages of Eersel, Steensel, Duizel, Vessem , Knegsel and Wintelre. Each village has its own feel and identity. But you are guaranteed the Kempen atmosphere in all the villages! 

    Visit our Information Centre

Enjoy Art & Nature

The Groene Lint (Green Ribbon) art trail is a ‘land art’ artwork that links the centre of Eersel to the centre of Eindhoven with a 24 km art path. The Groene Lint weaves through the landscape following a route alongside three watercourses: Gender, Run and Dommel. The hedging thereby extends through the space, seeking a path from tree to tree.

Discover the route (only dutch)