Steensel's 'showpiece' - When you travel from Eersel to Steensel you can see how the old church tower rises above the few visible houses elegantly and serenely, watching over Steensel. The tower is Steensel's showpiece, and is 38.5 metres high.

  • The St. Lucia Tower

    Steensel's current church tower, left over from the mediaeval St. Lucia church, was constructed at the end of the 14th century. The tower houses a heavy bell dating from 1495. This is one of the oldest church bells in the Kempen - the Lucia Bell. It is said that the bricks for building the tower came from the ‘De Heibloem’ kiln. This kiln were some distance from the tower, and the inhabitants of Steensel are reported to have formed a chain to transport them, passing the bricks from hand to hand! 

Some history - The Steensel Gang consisted of five men: Joost de Roij, Heyn Coenen, Piet Smolders, Bartel Smolders and Coob van de Weijer.

The Steensel Gang

At the start of the 19th century the villages around Steensel were terrorised by the Steensel Gang. This gang consisted of five men who carried out violent break-ins at night. The wives of these men acted as spies to identify what was worth stealing. Despite the fact that the police knew who they were, the Steensel Gang were able to carry out their burglaries undisturbed for eight years. Until they were finally arrested on 25 November 1804. After a court hearing in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the men were hanged in front of the town hall on 10 May 1805.

A tasty meal or a snack ... - Whatever you fancy!

  • Cafetaria 't Pierke

    During Brabant's colourful carnival
    this village is called: 'Pieregat'. So it’s no surprise that the cafeteria in this picturesque village has adopted this name.
    Cafétaria 't Pierke is the place to go for
    the tastiest fresh French fries, a wide range of snacks
    and delicious burgers and meals.

  • Brasserie Lekkerrr

    Brasserie Lekkerrr is a place where everyone feels welcome to enjoy surprisingly delicious food, a friendly drink or an extravagant celebration. It offers a complete concept where everyone is welcome to enjoy a sociable evening out together. Lekkerrr offers great food, great drinks and great partying! The perfect recipe for a brilliant evening in Brabant's Kempen.