Vessùm's grain & oil mill - A mill was essential in rural Vessem in the olden days. It was needed to grind grain for bread and cattle feed.

The Jacobus windmill

Unfortunately the original mill burnt down in 1893, after which the current Jacobus mill was built. This round brick gristmill consists of a circular brick structure and a cap. With a 'sweep’ of 28 metres, it is the second largest in the province of Noord Brabant.

Discover the Jacobus windmill

There’s plenty to do in Vessem - Want to stay the night in a B&B, have lunch in a former Brewery or enjoy something tasty after a long cycle ride? Vessem offers it all!

  • De Jacobushoeve

    De Jacobushoeve is a meeting place created by Fons van der Laan. He was conscious that people nowadays have too little opportunity to spend time together in a relaxed way. It’s called ‘buurten’ (neighbouring) in the Kempen. 

    De Jacobushoeve
  • Discover the reuse shop!

    Fons also thought that too much stuff (household goods, books, clothing) was being thrown away. So he found volunteers who were willing to help him, and a usable farm. De Jacobushoeve became a reality, with a reuse shop, a garden, workshops and world shop.