Discover Knegsel! - From a Kitchen Garden shop to a Luxury Cafeteria, and from spending the night amidst greenery to dining in the heart of the fabulous Brabant Kempen. Come and experience it for yourself!

The Eight Glories (De Acht Zaligheden)

The village of Knegsel is one of the ‘Eight Glories’, the name for eight villages in the Kempen including Eersel, Duizel and Steensel. In the village of Knegsel you will find a welcoming (dining) café and snack bar which can provide you with a drink and a bite to eat. Knegsel is surrounded by woods and farmland. The landscape offers a varying array of fields, fabulous waterways and areas of natural beauty with pools and heathland. The extensive walking network covers a remarkable 1500 km, and there’s a choice of over 150 walking routes. Knegsel is also located on many cycle routes through the Kempen. It’s a true paradise for walkers and cyclists! 

Discover the extensive walking network

A dip into the history of Knegsel - Also known as ‘Little Antwerp’

  • Mariakapel (St Mary’s Chapel)

    The Mariakapel, dating from 1947, can be found at the junction of Eerselseweg and Vessemseweg. It was built after the War as thanks for the protection during wartime.

  • The Church

    The original church collapsed in 1790, and the ruins were demolished over the course of the 19th century. It is now home to the Sacred Heart monument, dating from 1939. Knegsel's current church is in a different location and was built in 1926.