Relax amidst the village greenery in the heart of Brabant’s Kempen. - Or prefer some indulgence with fresh local produce?

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Does your heart long for nature? - Discover it at the Groot & Klein Meer lakes

The Groot & Klein Meer lakes

The Grootmeer and the Kleinmeer were originally natural pools. They are located in an area that is more elevated than its surroundings. Thousands of toads, frogs and salamanders live in the woods on the other side of the road. In the spring they migrate en masse to the Grootmeer to breed, and then return to the woods. They were being run over in large numbers while crossing the road. Seven amphibian tunnels were constructed under Merenweg in 2009/2010. The amphibians can now cross the road safely.

An interesting construction history… - The church tower in Winterle is positioned at an angle to the church. The traces also show that a church once stood at the front of the tower.

  • St Willibrordus Church

    In 1822 Winterle finally abandoned its clandestine ‘barn church’ with the construction of a ‘real’ church, albeit without a tower. That was only added in 1859. The bricks came from close to the village; farmers baked them in field kilns. Winterle’s church tower is one of the earliest examples of an architectural style specific to our province, namely Kempen Gothic. Kempen Gothic is an architectural style that arose in the Kempen in the 15th century, and was adopted widely there for the construction of churches. This gives it a rarity value.