Extend your stay by staying the night - Experience Brabant’s famous hospitality in Eersel!

Eersel and the surrounding parishes of Steensel, Duizel, Knegsel, Vessem and Wintelre offer plenty of accommodation for sweet dreams.
From bed & breakfasts to campsites, there’s plenty of choice to extend your stay.

Special nights away

Staying the night in Eersel is delightful. And obviously we would like to highlight the pearls of our Kempen. Here you are received hospitably, and truly feel welcome. Stay in beautiful accommodation in fresh, natural surroundings. From bed and breakfasts and hotels to group accommodation and campsites, Eersel offers a wide choice of accommodation options.

Discover the Pearls 

The best accommodation! - Extend your stay. That will give you even more time to discover Eersel and its surrounding area.