Experience our villages

The Municipality of Eersel consists of six villages: Eersel, Duizel, Steensel, Vessem, Knegsel and Wintelre. Each village has its own feel and identity. But you are guaranteed the Kempen atmosphere in all the villages.


Eersel is the largest village in the municipality of Eersel. In Eersel you can find the historic market square with up to 1000 seats at outdoor cafés. Enjoy a regional Brabant beer and a tasty bitterbal (deep-fried meatball) on one of these terraces.

Meer over Eersel


Duizel is a cosy little village in the municipality of Eersel. With an old tower, close-knit community and the history of the Agio cigar factory at its heart…

Meer over Duizel


Vessem has a stunning village square with the old brewery where excellent regional beer is still made today. A real delight! The Groot en Kleinmeer lakes also provide fantastic relaxation in nature.

Meer over Vessem


Knegsel is a village hidden in fantastic woods. With a lovely old village square and the Kempen’s most beautiful dining café.

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Steensel is a compact village just above Eersel, a place of pilgrimage for devotees of St Lucia. Parallel to Steensel you will find the Gender, a lovely waterway.

Meer over Steensel


One of the Eight Glories (Acht Zaligheden), also commonly known as Wentersel. In Wintelre you are in the midst of greenery.

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