Enjoy, experience and be inspired!

Within the municipality of Eersel there is a wealth of natural beauty, with an abundance of woodland and heathland with pools. The municipality of Eersel is therefore excellent for walking and cycling. Experience it in the Municipality of Eersel! Get your walking boots on and walk the heathland of the Cartierheide. Or experience unique taste sensations and discover the many restaurants and cafés in Eersel and the surrounding area.

  • Be inspired

    Enjoy the culture, the nature, the hospitality and the luxuriant lifestyle in the various villages. Get out and about, discover the surroundings and allow yourself to be surprised! Discover the highlights and plan your visit. 

    Be inspired
  • Eersel’s historic centre

    Markt and Hint together make up Eersel’s historic centre. This is one of the best preserved squares in Brabant. Come and sample the atmosphere in one of the friendly indulgent outdoor cafés or enjoy hours of shopping pleasure on the high street. 

Also known for…

The Agio cigar factory. The Municipality of Eersel was built on cigar exports, and is world-famous! Millions of cigars are produced here every year, which provides a lot of employment in the municipality. If you want to find out about the history of the Kempen, come and sample some art & culture! 


Sample Art & Culture

A stylish dinner, daydreaming in nature, or discovering the culture.. - Truly stylish enjoyment is yours in Brabant's Eersel!

  • Stylish enjoyment

    Get out and about, enjoy nature and lose yourself in green delights. Cultural history is literally at your feet in Eersel. The Pearls are scattered throughout the village, so that wandering through Eersel is always an experience where the unexpected is waiting to happen.

    Stylish enjoyment
  • The Pearls

    The Pearls are everyday objects that say something about the history of the place where you find them. In that way every Pearl links the present to the past.

    Discover Stylish enjoyment

    The Pearls

You can find it all in the Pearl of the Kempen! - Pulled across the water in a rubber ring by a speedboat, a cold beer at an outdoor café or scrambling on an electric moped..

  • Active experience

    The Municipality of Eersel has a flourishing social life; all the villages offer plenty of opportunity for physical activity and relaxation! There’s always something to do at the market(s). Discover the cheerful annual markets with different stalls, have wild adventures at the fair, or experience the true Brabant carnival. In other words, there’s plenty to do in Eersel for young and old, big and small!

  • No risk of being bored!

    Scramble along paths through the woods on an electric E-Chopper, discover the many sports and play possibilities at Recreatiepark TerSpegelt, or enjoy a well-earned refreshing drink at one of the many outdoor cafés that can be found in the Municipality of Eersel. There’s definitely no risk of being bored in Eersel!

    Discover Active experience

Be inspired

Stunning nature, lively culture and rich nourishment. You can find it all here. Not sure where to start? Don't worry. In order to help you, we have worked with the locals to draw up a list of things they think you really shouldn’t miss. 

Discover the highlights

The green landscape of Brabant’s Kempen is.. - The biggest playground a child could ever dream of!

  • Out and about with the kids

    Always want to have a BMX race with your friends? Or would you prefer to climb, scramble and build treehouses? Enjoy tasty food with mum and dad at one of your favourite restaurants (with a kids menu!), play sporty, educational and colourful games and activities, or discover the many options for staying the night in the Pearl of the Kempen!  

    Out and about with the kids

Experience the true village feeling - Come and take a peek in a variety of kitchens and be inspired by the (cultural) offering.

  • Contented living

    The Municipality of Eersel is developing rapidly. We are stimulating employment and tourism, care about the environment and love culture. In other words, the Pearl of the Kempen offers very contented living! Markt and Hint together make up Eersel’s historic centre. This is one of the best preserved squares in Brabant. The Municipality of Eersel is business-oriented, building and working hard to ensure a high standard of living and welfare. For a detailed history of Eersel visit the Kempen Museum De Acht Zaligheden.