All Eersel’s beauty… - Cultural history is literally at your feet in Eersel!

You can find bronze pearls embedded in the pavements and streets of Eersel. The pearls highlight significant buildings or objects with a history. There are various museums, galleries, sculpture gardens and other sites to visit. There are changing exhibitions in public buildings such as De Muzenval and the Town Hall (Gemeentehuis). For the latest information please see our diary.
Come and sample some art & culture.. Or would you prefer to enjoy a cold beer on the terrace?

  • Indulgent enjoyment

    Will you enjoy a culinary experience in a luxury restaurant, or opt for a cosy supper in one of the dining cafés? From cafés to fine dining, the Municipality of Eersel offers something for every food lover.

    Indulgent enjoyment
  • Back in time…

    With a fabulous Brewery Garden and an extensive beer menu, including a Beerze bier brewed on the premises, you can revel in contemporary flavours. Delicious food, fresh local produce and seasonal dishes are always on offer at Restaurant De Gouden Leeuw.

    Back in time…
  • History

Kempenmuseum De Acht Zaligheden

One of the finest museums in Brabant’s Kempen is the Kempen Museum De Acht Zaligheden. This museum provides insight into life in Brabant’s Kempen over the period from 1850 to 1950. There is a nature garden, and you can play traditional Dutch games.

Discover the Kempen Museum