Come and take a peek in a variety of kitchens and be inspired by the (cultural) offering. - Discover the Pearl of the Kempen!

  • Pearl of the Kempen

    This pearl of the Kempen can be found on Kapelweg in Eersel. An authentic Kempen farm with a lovely kitchen garden, fragrant herb garden and peaceful orchard. These are the roots from which today’s residents of the Kempen have come, developing over the years from smallholder to farm manager, and from smuggler to industrial cigar maker.

  • Kempen Museum

    For a detailed history of Eersel visit the Kempen Museum De Acht Zaligheden. 

    Discover the past! 

OutStanding Beauty

Out: Markt and Hint together make up Eersel’s historic centre. Five of the six villages in the municipality are included in the Eight Glories (Acht Zaligheden). Those are villages whose name ends in ‘-sel’. The Dutch name ‘zaligheden’ (glories) is derived from the word ‘selligheden’. Within the municipality of Eersel there’s a wealth of natural beauty, with an abundance of woodland and heathland with pools.

Standing: It’s not just nature in Eersel that’s a real experience; the restaurants, cafés and other indulgent eateries in Eersel are also of a very high standing. You are welcomed and shown round by the locals with love and hospitality. Come and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat with a view of the Kempen’s fabulous nature. Sit back and relax... Venues that offer the perfect atmospheric experience include De Keizer, Restaurant YAYA and Brasserie Lekkerrr.

Beauty: Alongside the fabulous nature and the indulgent cafés, you can also find lots of Brabant conviviality! There are a host of (music) events. Sing along and have fun at festivals such as Flying Dutch, Music on Payday and the Paperclip Festival. A day swimming at Landgoed Duynenwater, tasting chocolate bonbons or taking part in the pub quiz.

In short, Eersel offers OutStanding Beauty! 

Het Groene Lint.. - Stimulates the nature lover’s senses, and is resulting in renewed appreciation of traditional crafts and engaging residents with their surroundings.

A byword in the Kempen, enjoying art in nature!

The Groene Lint (Green Ribbon) art trail is a ‘land art’ artwork that links the centre of Eersel to the centre of Eindhoven with a 24 km art path. A green ribbon of natural elements in the form of woven hedges that provide a guide for the striding walker. 

Discover the Groene Lint Art Route (Dutch only) 

Restaurant YAYA! - A true dining experience…

  • Atmospheric enjoyment

    Not just food and drink, but a true dining experience. That is what the owners of YAYA want to offer!  At this atmospheric restaurant on the market square in Eersel you can enjoy a tasty lunch with various lavishly filled rolls, generous salads or soups, and in the evening you can choose from an à la carte dinner or one of the 5 course tasting menus.

    Atmospheric enjoyment
  • Local products

    With delicious breads, pastries from the Van Heeswijk bakery, and various platters, Restaurant YAYA also offers a changing and varied bar menu that you can enjoy throughout the day.

    Local products

Enjoy the feeling of coming home here..