Discover the rugged heath landscape… - at the heart of the walkers’ paradise that is the Kempen!

Did you know that the woods were once the domain of smugglers? If we go back in history, we see that this area was mainly populated by shepherds and small(er) farmers. And pedlars with their baskets of goods on their back walked along the sand paths. Cartierheide is an area bursting with history, where even Napoleon left his mark!

Running through the area is the idyllic Dalems Stroompje. Here you can find damp areas of heathland, birch woods, bog myrtle and many other flowers, plants and woodlands. 

You can spot all sorts of wildlife during this walk. We recommend walking at twilight, when you have the best chance of encountering deer. The heath is also home to the smooth snake, the common lizard and the slow worm. If you come across them, don’t worry - they’re definitely not venomous!

‘If you’re very quiet, the animals may show themselves…’

Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch Forestry Commission) 

Cartierheide walking route - Developed in collaboration with Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch Forestry Commission)

How does this walking route work?

This walking route uses the walking nodes system in Brabant. Walk the route from one numbered node to the next. Between the nodes you follow the signage of the walking nodes system. You can walk the route in two directions. At a number of nodes you will find a panel with a map of the walking route network, so you can always deviate from the route a bit. There’s no risk of getting lost!

Discover the route (Dutch only)

“A fabulous heathland walk across the Cartierheide past pools and across a boardwalk.”

Erik Schram, forester in the Kempen.

The Gloeiige cycle route

The legend of the Gloeiige (the Glowing Man), the cursed Lord of Eersel, has been translated into a cycle route with the aim of bringing more experience to cycling. The Glowing Man still haunts the places where he committed his crimes. These places form the theme for the cycle route through the municipality of Eersel, which covers approximately 30 km. An exciting combination of fable and local history. The legend formed part of several exciting walking and cycle routes in Brabant.

Discover the Gloeiige (Dutch only)